Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Barbell Core Rotations or Bus Drivers

Barbell Core Rotations or "Bus Drivers" allows you to train both the rotational and stabilizing aspects of your core.

  • Place the bar against the wall, in the corner, or under something that will keep the bottom portion from sliding across the floor.  
  • Arms should be slightly bent at the start.  
  • The further your hands are from your body the harder the movement will be.  Bring your hands in closer to reduce the resistance.
  • Make sure your hips rotate with the bar so they face the direction you're rotating.
  • Your back foot should finish on the toe.
  • Beginners/Intermediate - start with just the bar as resistance, and add 5-10 lbs at a time.
  • Intermediate/Advanced - start with a 25 lb plate, and add more as needed.

Barbell Core Rotations (Bus Drivers)

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