Friday, December 17, 2010

Hyper Vest Weight Vest

In the process of testing the Hyper Vest out, further review and video of exercises to come.

A few quick highlights so far:

Design: Super thin, you can wear it under a t-shirt if you wanted, but it makes you look like 50 Cent if you don't (note: will increase your mental toughness and street cred by 15%)

Comfort: Outstanding material, fit and design is extremely flexible. Super secure, can run and jump without any change to your mechanics.

Resistance: Comes loaded with 10 lbs which is plenty of resistance as is

Additional Weight: depending on the size, the vest can be loaded with additional weight up to 30-50 lbs.

Notes: It's made all body weight, TRX, agility, bands, Med ball, rope and plyo exercises much more challenging.  Great to combine with the jump rope or any type of interval based training as well.  Was curious if the vest might block the signal from my heart rate transmitter but there didn't seem to be an issue at all.  Also wore it around the house and out to the store under my sweatshirt without any funny looks.

Perform Better is running a Holiday Free Shipping Sale, not a bad time to buy.

Hyper Vest Weight Vest 

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