Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas Part 2

2. TRX Suspension Training System

Great tool that you can use to perform a total body workout. Perfect for all fitness levels from beginners to athletes. Comes with videos and a variety of exercise documentation, plus keep an eye on the blog to check out a few TRX workouts you can do on your own.

The best part about the tool is you can use it anywhere... hence the companies name... "Fitness Anywhere".
Use it outdoors and connect it to a tree or playground equipment.
Indoors connect it to your ceiling or a door in your house.
At the gym, connect it to a squat rack or a cable cross over machine.

- Train in multiple planes of motion (how we move in sport and life)
- Can train virtually anywhere (indoors, outdoors, gyms).
- Portable and easy to travel with. (No excuses when you're on vacation.)
- Seamlessly change between exercises.
- Get a really effective and efficient workout in 15-30 minutes.
- A fun new way to train using your own bodyweight as resistance.

Now is the perfect time to buy... Today especially!
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TRX Suspension Training: Make Your Body Your Machine

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